What We Offer

While usually associated with new hope and opportunities, immigration could also be something rather challenging. You’d have to go through a lot of red tape and procedural complications which are capable of making the matter tremendously burdensome.

With our assistance, we can reduce the hassle down to a minimum. We have experience and established connections with immigration services and authorities as we’ve been operating for long years. When you take our expertise and professionalism into account and add it to the picture, you get full-house service and effortless proceedings, regardless of whatever they may be.

Petitions for alien relative

We handle all the documentation and assist you through this otherwise challenging process. We handle the filing and the representation in front of the immigration services so you don’t have to go through the burden on your own.

Work Permits

We prepare all the necessary documents and we can also help you file and follow the development of your work permit. We also do our best to handle the matter in the most comprehensive and timely manner.

Renewal or Replacement of your alien resident card

There is nothing worse than missing terms when it comes to anything with foreign residency. We help you with renewal or replacement, depending on what’s needed, of your alien resident card. We make the hassle go away.

Applications for citizenship

Applying for a foreign citizenship is oftentimes associated with a lot of hassle and red tape. We make that go away. We prepare everything from your application to your interview preparation. This will dramatically increase your chances of getting the citizenship you want.

Request for travel or reentry permit

Obtaining permits is never easy. Our expertise and experience, however, allow us to make sure that we handle everything as per the highest industry standards. We’ll handle all the documentation and prepare the necessary files for your travel or reentry permit.

Removal of conditional status

Conditional status, while necessary, could also be quite obstructing. If you’ve gone through the limiting condition and the circumstances have already unraveled, we will help you get rid of the obstructing conditional status by preparing all the necessary documentation and representing you in front of the relevant authorities.

Other related cases

We specialize in immigration services and we are capable of handling a range of different undertakings. Our expertise allows us to prepare documents swiftly and according to the current state, federal and local legislation. We help you make sure that you abide by the law and increase your chances of achieving your goals.